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What is Haemochromatosis?

Haemochromatosis (or ‘iron overload’) is an inherited disorder which causes the body to absorb too much iron from the diet. The excess iron gradually accumulates, usually in the liver, pancreas, joints, heart or endocrine glands. 

Ireland has the highest rates of haemochromatosis in the world, where approximately 1 in 83 people are at risk of developing haemochromatosis and 1 in 5 are carrriers of the gene.



Iron builds up slowly so symptoms may not appear until age 30 or 40. Symptoms can include, but are not limited to chronic fatigue, joint pain, abdominal pain, diabetes



The treatment of choice and the most effective strategy for the management of Haemochromatosis is Venesection (Phlebotomy), which means the removal of blood



An iron panel blood test can confirm or rule out iron overload. If both serum ferritin (SF) and transferrin saturation (TS) levels are raised, then a genetic test should be carried out



Links to patient information guides, diet and haemochromatosis, research and managing haemochromatosis for patients, GPs and nursing professionals

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‘Putting your best arm forward’

‘Putting your best arm forward’, Siobhan Cronin, Editor, The Southern Star newspaper talks about how important awareness is of Ireland’s most common genetic disorder and talks us through her haemochromatosis journey.

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There is still time to donate to our Christmas Jumper Campaign this year! Miriam is raising funds to support our ongoing work and projects, including our Helpline, information resources and vital research work.

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