Oireachtas Briefing on Haemochromatosis

A national strategy for haemochromatosis was big on the agenda in Leinster House during May. Thank you to all the TDs and Senators who attended our briefing, in particular huge thanks to Senator Martin Conway, who hosted the event and Cllr Damian Boylan, who has long advocated for haemochromatosis, as Ireland’s most common genetic disorder, to be high on the health agenda.

Our objectives in calling for a National Strategy for haemochromatosis, include the following:

  • A National Strategy for Haemochromatosis to be implemented and coordinated, where everyone has equal access to testing, diagnosis, treatment and quality of care, regardless of where they live in Ireland or their financial circumstances
  • A genetic screening programme for haemochromatosis in primary and hospital care settings
  • New research on the prevalence of haemochromatosis in Ireland
  • A main lead on Haemochromatosis within the HSE/Department of Health

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